Android Q Beta: Download and install Pixel phones

Google has released the first beta of Android Q, the next version of Android, which we will see later this year on Pixel phones. The beta program is available to anyone who wants to take the Android Q test. Unlike previous years, when it was intended for developers only for the first beta version. Before we move on, you should not install Android Q on your primary phone. There will be mistakes that will break things and almost ruin the battery life. If you do not have an old phone that is compatible with the beta program, you should wait later in the beta cycle before getting in. Even Google warns users during the sign-up process: “Certain features (including core features, such as your ability to make and receive calls, or applications may not work properly.” Beta testing is fun, safe, but when the phone is supposed to work 100 percent If you’re interested in giving feedback and helping Google spot bugs, you should know the following:
There are two possibilities. The easiest way is to visit the beta program website and sign in to the Google account associated with your Pixel phone. Scroll down and search for the appropriate devices. Then click on “Opt In” and accept the terms. After you register your device, you will receive all beta updates for Android Q wirelessly, just as you will now receive software updates. It may take up to 24 hours for your device to receive the update. So give the device some time. The second method is to flash the system images after downloading from Google. This method requires you to unlock your device’s bootloader, reset the device at the factory, and then install the update. Since you flashed the first image, you will not receive future updates wirelessly. You have to update each beta update manually – which is very cumbersome.