Apple Releases Sixth Developer Beta of iOS 12.2 [Update: Public Beta Available]

Apple today sent out the sixth beta of an upcoming iOS 12.2 update for developer testing purposes, one week after the seeding of the fifth beta of iOS 12.2 and two months after the release of iOS 12.1.4. Registered developers can download the new iOS 12.2 beta from the Apple Developer Center or wirelessly once the Developer Center has the appropriate configuration profile installed. IOS 12.2 introduces a new subscription service within Apple News that Apple will introduce at an upcoming event on March 25. Apple plans to provide unlimited access to magazines and paid message services for a monthly fee, with all content available through the News app.

iOS 12.2 extends Apple News to Canada for the first time, with Canadian iPhone and iPad users reading news in English, French, or both. Apple says beta content is more limited during the beta release than when the update was released.
For some AT & T users, there is a new “5G E” symbol for the mobile signal replacing the standard LTE symbol. This is a bit misleading for AT & T as the iPhone does not support 5G and AT & T does not call the network 5G E as 5G. Instead, it is an updated version of LTE. More information can be found here. The Wallet app UI has been tweaked and optimized as Apple plans to introduce support for an Apple credit card, which is being made available through a partnership with Goldman Sachs. The credit card can have unique features, such as: For example, for premium tracking, access to balance management tools, spending habits alerts, and spending limits. The downtime feature in Screen Time can be adjusted in iOS 12.2 by day. Apple has slightly changed some icons (including Apple News, AirPlay, and Remote in Control Center), audio messages now have better quality and new Safari features, with a full list of changes made during our beta testing period in our iOS 12.2 Tidbits. Post were introduced.

Apple is improving Safari’s privacy in iOS 12.2 with a new movement and targeting switch under Settings> Safari> Privacy> Security, which is disabled by default. The setting must be enabled so that websites can view content that accesses the accelerometer and gyroscope motion data in the iPhone and iPad. iOS 12.2 confirms that Apple plans to release “second generation” AirPods with “Hey Siri” support, thanks to a hidden “Hey Siri” AirPods setup screen in beta. The inclusion of the AirPods setup option in beta indicates that Apple may be planning to release new AirPods when iOS 12.2 is released. There was also evidence of additional work on AirPower, indicating that the product is still to come. Apple plans to launch the Apple News service at an event on March 25. The company is likely planning to release iOS 12.2 shortly thereafter to give iOS users access to the new subscription options.