Take action quickly if you do not want your Google+ posts to be publicly archived

Google+ gets the ax on April 2nd, but some of your old posts may stay stuck – whether you like it or not. To preserve Internet content, the Internet Archive and Archive Team create digital backups of Web sites and other Internet content that would otherwise be lost over time. The next project is the preservation of Google+.
A recent Reddit post describes the plans of both groups to store publicly published material on Google+ and how volunteers can help.For some, this may be good news. Of course, the general consensus is that the end of Google + is overdue, but a small, dedicated user base exists to the bitter end. For them, the archive work ensures that the legacy of their favorite social network lives on.For others, messages about Google+ content may not be so welcome, especially if you suspect that old Google+ posts you do not want to be reminded of will disappear tacit the next time you stop the service.

While the team working on preserving Google + content can not save everything. Private or previously deleted posts are inaccessible. However, posts with more than 500 comments will only be retained in truncated form. Publicly Released Images Are Saved at Lower Resolutions The process of archiving public Google+ posts has already begun so you need to act fast. To make sure public Google+ posts are not archived and how they can be deleted if they exist.To prevent Google+ posts from being archived
The best way to make sure your public Google+ content is no longer available is to delete your account.
Sign in to the Google Account associated with the Google+ profile you’d like to delete
Open Google+ (you can also do this with the Apps widget or by clicking on your Google profile and then clicking on Google+ profile while browsing a Google web app or on a page like Google Drive, YouTube, etc.)
On the Google+ page, in the left menu, click Settings
Scroll down to the bottom and click “Delete Google+ profile.”
You’ll be asked to enter your password for your Google Account
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete deleting the profile
Deleting your Google+ profile will not affect your Google Account, YouTube account / channels, and other Google services. Only your Google+ account will be removed.

However, if you prefer not to completely delete your Google+ account, you can instead try to delete public posts / information before The Internet Archives and ArchiveTeam access it.

To delete a post, you must be signed in to your Google+ account. Then click on the item (s) to be deleted on the “More” icon with the three stacked points and click on “Delete”. You can make changes to your profile information Click Edit Profile on your profile page.

Fair Warning: There is no guarantee that any of the above steps will prevent your public contributions from being archived, as the archival team’s algorithms may have arrived before and your profile will be archived if you do not delete it completely. If this is the case, you can still remove it:Search for the URL of your Google+ profile using the Internet Archive’s Wayback computer to see if some of your old posts are available. You can also do this for the URL of a particular post.
If something you wanted to remove got into the Internet Archive database, you can use the remove content page form.